Judgment Collection

You have just spent the last two years litigating your lawsuit.  You went to trial and were awarded a judgment… now what?

You are in the same boat a majority of litigants after trial.  In fact, about 80% of all judgments awarded never get collected because collecting a judgment is often the most difficult part of winning a lawsuit. The court has the power to award you your judgment but you hold the sole responsibility to enforce it. Unfortunately, this leaves you with a piece of paper called a judgment, and the debtor is probably still refusing to pay just as they did before you sued them.

That’s where we come in.  You can count on Sam Vahedi & Associates to enforce your judgments. We exhaust all possible ways to collect your judgments, including actions and thorough investigations involving:

  • Asset attachments/executions
  • Garnishments, all types: taxes, wages, third parties, receivables
  • Claim and deliveries (replevins)
  • Judgment debtor exams
  • Receiverships
  • Warrants/bonds
  • Use of court officers, deputy sheriffs, process servers who we train
  • Computerized assets locators, bank locators, employment locators, vital information, personal property, real property
  • Social media
  • Affiliated business/successor business
  • Interest, costs, court officer fees
  • Skipping
  • Stipulations
  • Consent judgments
  • Effective calls, pre- and post-judgment
  • Credit bureaus/credit data

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